Europe, the First Time--Planning your first trip to "The Continent"

The best way to see Europe is at your own pace. Learn how to plan a low-cost, memorable trip to Europe as a couple, a family or alone. Save time and money as you do the booking, cooking and looking in Europe's most beautiful destinations. As currency values change with breaking economic values.


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If you're at this website, you've started considering a trip to Europe. If you've never been, it is likely to be an amazing experience. You will be surprised, as I was when we flew over northern France, to discover how beautiful it is. I expected to see old buildings and houses sprawling for miles and thought of Europe as a place you went to see great art and pieces of ancient history. What I discovered was cities and villages that are alive and friendly; where history mixes with modern life and puts your own existence into perspective. I was surprised at how much of the land is planted with flowers and vegetables and how fresh the food is.

If you are starting to think about the trip, I will encourage you to make a trip to Europe a goal. It took seven years from the time I started planning to finally reach Paris, but it only happened because I made getting there a priority in my life. No espressos, new clothes only when I absolutely needed them, and a willingness to eat only bread and cheese as we toured the continent if that was what it would take to make the trip possible.

Fortunately, camping and preparing many of our own picnics made it possible to spend six weeks in Europe for much less than we had planned. It also made us eager to return, to explore new places and spend more time with people who generously invited us into the communities, told us their stories and made us feel welcome in their countries. Read our Privacy Policy

For the latest updates, go to the Eurfirst Blog on Travel News which is updated frequently.


Last revised October 19, 2010

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